Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tricks to get no 1 position in Google search

New Blogger it is not easy to get no 1 position in google search result. For new website if you write on most competition topic and using most search keyword it will be very hard to get first page google search results.

There are some tricks to get number 1 position for new blogger, here I am writing one by one.
1 Use main keywords in blog title: by using primary keywords and blog title you are indicating the google that your blog is all about blogging tips and seo tricks. Only thing is to write at least one article
every day relating to your blog.
2 ask other blogger to give backlinks: if some other well settle blogger around you then ask them to give back links from their website. This will help you to get traffic from that site and your top article will get lots of comments from the public.
3 make other website related to mobile technology and show your main article on the main page of that website. User may click on those links and visit your blogging tips site.
4 leave a link on fresh blog on comment section ask the blogger to visit site to know more on blogging tips. These tricks help you take no position in google and yahoo search result. You can track new blogs by using code “keywords” “2016 (1)” -2015. You can change 1 to 2 to check other fresh blogs.
New blogger you have any comments on my no 1 position in search result then post at comment section.

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