Monday, 5 June 2017

Earn to solve problems of rich country in India

India is the one country with most talented students. Problem is that having talent but not have suitable job. Indian student after passing college searching job in government as well private company.
I suggest all student of India to write article which provide knowledge to the internet user write  quality information about 500 words and submit to it to well established website.
What to share in the article by student to earn high
Want to earn high payment on article then I suggest sharing idea which will help people of devolved nation and the website owner earn profit from advertisement income. You have chance to earn high as
the cost of living in America and Australia then that in India. For egg a news paper company India will
Pay Rest 50- for one article. Same article will earn you around Rest 250- that is 5 time higher. In India Women are not allowed to work outside as they are restricted to stay at home. If women have qualified and done some degree in one subject. So try to write article which solve problem developed country and work for England American country to get higher salary that to work from home.

Indian student do not waste time in Face book instead write article for well developed country. Having good knowledge on gathering information on certain subject and make a free website from the Problem of common issues of world or give consultation to top country to earn high income that to working at home in India.

If Indian students start writing about American issues then Indian writer will get many advisements from many local marketers. Indian unemployed youth can write reviews on some product and services related to England and American company and get paid high income as salary in these countries is higher than in Indian company

College student create website of your own start with Google free website and once the website get descent rank then ask local people to share article of your site. You have high chance of earning from advertisement money share some with your writer in India. The topic should relate to developed country.
I suggest Indian student to try to collect information on unique topic and write in your own language with some keyword to attract the audience. Whenever you find information related to some topic then update that with your old article similar to that topic. Indian student there are many ways to earn money working at home but I suggest writing article as top one because the top website in America will pay you high payment for same information that Indian website will not pay even half of money. There fore solve problem of all major countries where the cost of living is high to get good salary out of work.
Students take help of other to write article, you can add other people’s ideas and thoughts related to main subject of Post title. You can ask different people to write on same subject and combine all unique and fresh information and make one quality article to sale in top website. By doing so you will get at least Rest 500- to Rest 1000 per article as you have included ideas from different writer in one single article.

This is how Indian students can earn enough and to working at night time from comfort of home by simply sharing ideas and information to top country internet user of America England and Australia or other country world from India.

Focus with Benefits to Others
Have a clear goal to benefit others along with your unique insights, expertise, product understanding, industry experience, customer service excitement, and personal style. This goal will guide your bogging, from information shared and words, to sidebar widgets and website design. Customers are always researching ways to do things better, faster, additional economically.

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