Thursday, 8 June 2017

Earn money fast with Group Blogging

You want to earn money by way of blogging and want to get some tips on blogging, then I suggest you new blogger not to blog alone I mean single blogging.Make a group of 5 to 10 people and write on a particular niche topic to earn money by way of blogging.

Why I am suggesting you to write in group posting is to get Google pagerank in quick time as your entire group member post article in a single blog this increases the frequency of article and the internet reader will get at least 1 article in a single day. also read Tips to get long term traffic

This will make your audience happy to read and share thus your website will become popular in a week if you are profession writer.So do not write your blog alone make a group of people who will join you to write on blog and share the earning according to your number of article posted by the member.

Why you should form a group to blog

1 If you are not listening to my points then you require 1 to 2 years to get natural traffic
2 if you blog alone chances are very high that other people may copy your article and post then in high ranked website.
3 if you blog in group then your blog is like forum then your own member can comment on each other article this will make article more lengthy and unique thus you will high impression for longer period of time.

To earn from blog fast then you need to do key word research and write article using words and phrases which are not indexed yet by Google search engine.This way blogging in group will help you to make money to share information to reader and get unique visitor to blog.Write at least 5 unique articles on a single subject (niche) and in an effort to traffic coming by strategy for search engine, then to make money contact some advertiser to place banner and earn money from those banner to produce on website.


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